Flexibility is Key!

As my friends and I start to finish up our semesters of university and begin focusing on exams, our minds are also filled with thoughts of the future. Fellow first years and I are making decisions about what to do next year; did we enjoy our first year in our program? Upper years are focusing on what to do post-undergrad. Some are deciding on graduate schools, some are starting to think of jobs. Much of the time spent in university is dedicated to looking ahead and making plans. I, myself, love planning out the future; picking courses, looking a few years down the road and even helping my friends do the same.

As I type now, I’m getting notifications from the #GL2016 Facebook Group from future students already thinking about minor options, and how they love the ability to switch majors should they choose to do so. That’s a very important concept to remember; keeping your options open.

Current students got their enrollment access times today (when we are allowed to start enrolling in courses for next year) and so the search begins to start making the perfect schedule. One that might condense your classes to two days, one that doesn’t start too early or end too late, one that gives you a long weekend. However, we all also know that we need to not set our hearts on any one specific schedule. We need to be flexible. My enrollment time is June 21. Between now and then, classes might change times, they might fill up and I might have personal revelations that make me realize I don’t want to take certain classes.

Future students also need to know this. You may choose your courses for the major you are in right now at your enrollment appointment; but once the semester begins you may change your mind. You may want to drop a course (do it before the refund deadline if possible!), you may decide you want to switch majors and therefore change your schedule around. Whatever the case may be, make sure you keep your minds open, keep your options in mind and know that the advising and education staff here at Glendon have your best interests in mind. They will help you make your academic experience at Glendon as smooth as possible and will help you adjust whatever you need to.

So remember, stay flexible.



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