The Keele Connection

I’m currently sitting in Scott Library at the Keele Campus of York University. Yes, it is true. Despite being a die-hard Coeur de Lion / Glendonite , I do sometimes venture to the main campus of York to be among my YorkU LIon brethern. There are numerous reasons as to why I (and other Glendonites) leave our little forest in the corner of Toronto; food, libraries, a change of pace and many others.
At Glendon we have the cafeteria, Eurobaguette and Lunik, but besides we have no other food options. This isn’t to say that you’re going to starve at our campus, but every once in awhile it’s nice to have grab a bite to eat outside of your regular diet; whether it be for a celebration, a weekly tradition with friends or when it’s a Friday and you have nothing else to do!  York Food Services‘ website lists all the food locations on campus, which all can be paid for with meal plans on your YU card!

Some of my personal favourites:
  • Starbucks (Grande skinny marble mocha in the winter… Grande skinny marble peppermint mocha in the summer)
  • The Underground (Artichoke and Cheese dip, The Devestator Burger, Pink Lemonade and Ice Cream Sandwich)
  • Yogen Fruz (regular chocolate with banana and strawberres)
  • Wendy’s (Frosties… ’nuff said).
  • Popeye’s Chicken (eat ALL the food)
Another great reason to come to Keele is the Libraries. While we have Leslie Frost Library on campus, there are other libraries at Keele that specialize in certain fields and have a wider, more extensive catalogues. There is an inter-libary borrowing system where books can be brought to Glendon if you don’t want to trek to Keele, but sometimes its nice to come to the library and do the old fashioned “look through bookcases” approach. It also allows you to get some quiet time and study in a new environment. Its a nice change of pace. Even if you’re not going to get any books out of the library, I enjoy coming here to get some work done. Especially being on residence, Glendon becomes your home, so sometimes it’s hard to get into a study mindset, being at home.
Since Keele and Glendon are in such different parts of the city, how does one traverse between the two? There’s a handy shuttle between the two campuses that runs throughout the day (Mon-Fri) that is free for York Students. Super awesome, eh?
That’s the Keele Connection!


  1. Amazing how similar this seems to my story; Glendon alumnus, Wood resident 1968-72. Third and fourth years I had a very open timetable – no classes after Tuesday evening. Taking the shuttle up to Keele, which at that time was nearly a drive in the country, was a welcome diversion. More resources in the Scott Library. New faces in the dining halls (preferred McLaughlin College). For a clutzy non-athlete, exercising at Tate-McKenzie out of sight of the people I lived with 24-7. Sometimes Glendon was just too small.Your story brought a flood of memories along with news about how the food options for res students has changed. Thanks for sharing. Keep on posting.

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