Do I Need A Laptop?

I’m sitting in my parents’ living room in Kitchener right now because I decided to come back home to visit for the reading week. . I’m working away on my computer getting certain tasks finished, and I feel like that between school, a social life and all my extracurricular obligations, I have a never ending list of things I need to do. Yet, I’m in an amazing mood! Why? Because I’m using my laptop for the first time in two weeks. I’d like to say that it’s because I challenged myself to focus on my studies, or something like that. But no. It’s because the fan on my laptop conked out so I had to take it to Futureshop so I could get it fixed and I just got it back today after two weeks!

However, even though it’s a Monday night, and I could go to the movies or see my friends from high school, I’m staying in with my parents and my dog and I’m having the time of my life… And this has lead me to a startling revelation… I’m a techno-addict. *cue dramatic music*
Okay… So this isn’t a new revelation. I love techonology, the internet and social media. Heck, that’s why I’m an eAmbassador for Glendon… I get to feel like I’m doing something productive, even if it’s just twitter stalking people. That’s why I have a Blackberry, that way I can be connected 24/7. That’s why I recently changed from Google Chrome to Rockmelt, which is like Chrome except it has awesome built-in social media apps that way I can see my notifications from my facebook, 5 twitter accounts, youtube and tumblr at all times I’m on the internet.

I’m addicted. However, it wasn’t until I got my computer taken away, that I realized that I use the computer for so much more than just social media. I couldn’t make outlines, make notes for class, keep track of my finances, send emails, keep up properly with all the blogs I follow, nor could I blog myself.

The great thing though is that I still survived, because I was able to use the 24 hour computer labs at Glendon to get work done (and procrastinate while doing it). And that’s the main idea behind this post (it’s actually not a therapeutic self-intervention of my tech-addiction).

As much as people might think, you DON’T need a laptop to survive university. Of course it does help immensely, because it means you can work wherever you need and can transport all your files at once without 3809123809128321 USB keys on your lanyard… but it’s not necessary.

Glendon has 24-hour computer labs that are free to use. You have access to dozens of software applications; the entire Microsoft Office set of programs, the entire Adobe suite of applications and more! It’s a pretty sick set up. Also just a little hint, if you do use this option, use Google Docs to save your files. It’s web-based software, that will follow wherever you sign into your account from. :)

Enjoy guys! And as always, remember to leave your questions on my Twitter, Formspring on these comments or any of the other eAmbassadors!

Also, March 4th is our Experience Glendon spring open house so make sure you come on down to meet alumni and professors, meet some club leaders and get a tour! :) Registration is available on our website!

If you’ve accepted your offer of admission to Glendon, request to join our Faceook group to ask questions and meet your future peers! 


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