New Year

It’s the beginning of a new year, and with it new challenges, new surprises, new changes, new friends and new experiences.

Especially if you’re in grade 12 right now. This year is going to be a whirlwind of emotions, experiences and challenges. You’ll be finishing high school, and saying goodbye to some people, some places and hopefully some drama. It’ll be weird, especially if you did all 4 years at your high school like I did. Ask any of my friends, from May to June, I was a wreck. I was going to miss my high school so much, all my friends, the teachers, the halls, and even the classes. However if there was one word to describe the experience I’d use “bittersweet.”

As sad I was about leaving St. Mary’s, and leaving my friends in Kitchener, I was just as excited about moving to Toronto, starting at Glendon and starting a new chapter of my life. It’s been an intense year for sure, and I loved every moment of this transition between high school and university.

While I’ve been living back home in Kitchener this winter break I’ve realized something: Some things never change. Seeing friends from high school, visiting my old school and teachers, and being back home… there are some things that just don’t change. People’s personalities, how slow the buses take, the smell of halls. It’ll give you a feeling of nostalgia at first. However, once you get past the nostalgia, those things that don’t change will help you realize how much you have changed. The few months that I was at Glendon the friends and peers I’ve met here have already changed me and affected me. Just as my high school friends affected me.

One of my favourite songs ever, is “For Good” from the seminal Broadway classic Wicked (Personal Rachel Berry moment). It’s lyrics and message have gotten me through a lot this year, as it was such an emotional year. The video here, is of Kristin Chenoweth’s performance with Idina Menzel.

The point of this video, and me mentioning this song, is that no matter who, where or what you have you say goodbye to this year, you’ll always carry a part with you because they’ve changed you for good.

Another reason? Because this was Kristin’s last performance. And you’ll have a lot of “lasts.” Last time you write a high school essay. Last time you go to that one club meeting. Last time you have to see some people. But for as many lasts you will have, there will be a lot of firsts. First time living without your parents if you do Residence. First university lecture. First university mark. Life is funny that way. When you have a “last”, you also will have a “first.”

This year, for you entering university will be a big one. Take hold of every opportunity given to you, appreciate your blessings and be prepared for a whirlwind of adventure.


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